Magnesium Oil Spray-On 3,000mg

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Among minerals, magnesium is the most life-giving available, central to energy manufacture, balance, and regulation. Magnesium has been hailed by some as the panacea of our age. Yet rising levels of contaminants in our sea waters today threaten the most convenient and soluble form of magnesium: topical magnesium produced from natural magnesium chloride. Also, magnesium deficiency is an epidemic of our age. Up to 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient and suffer unnecessary pain and anxiety.



Our magnesium spray is highly absorbable and very easy to take. Just spray 10-12 times on your arms, chest of legs for approximately 200mg. Spray on 2-4x a day and avoid sensitive skin like areas that have just been shaved or irritated skin.

Our magnesium comes from a pristine ancient 100 million-year-old seabed that is pristine and unpolluted. We encourage you to research the benefits of magnesium for muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and anxiety.

Our magnesium spray pairs well with the molasses/hemp oil or any of our other oils.


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