Capsaicin Pain Patch by AON Starting at $14.99 for 12 Day Supply


 We have searched for a natural, safe and effective pain relief alternative and we would like to introduce you to the new AON Tiger Capsicum Patch. There are many research studies and 1000’s of years in the history books that validate this often overlooked and under used method of pain relief. We encourage to research and try it. We did many weeks ago and were amazed by how well it works.
For some it’s instant but for those with severe pain, we recommend trying everyday for 2 weeks.
Best of all, the patches are high quality and very affordable. We are offering them at an incredibly low price.
For long lasting relief of Rheumatism, Back Pain, Notalgia, Sciatica, Arthritis, Stiff Shoulder and Muscular Pain
Active Ingredients:
Capsicum Extract 2.89%
Menthol 7.8%
Camphor 9.6%


  • Uses all natural capsaicin, the primary compound in hot peppers and clinically proven to reduce the sensation of pain. Also includes menthol and camphor.
  • Safe, natural and non-addictive transdermal patch delivers an effective dose of capsicum extract, patch lets skin “breathe” with multiple holes

These topical patches uses a warming sensation to reduce the feeling of pain. These patches can be used daily. They are meant to be used for 8hrs or less per day.




Safety Information
Warning: For external use only. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin, if you are allergic to to aspirin or salicylate,menthol or  cayenne pepper do not use this product. Do not use with a heating pad or at the same time as, other external analgesics.  Ask a doctor before use, if you are allergic to any ingredients in this product. When using this product do not use otherwise than directed, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes or rashes. Stop use and ask a doctor if rash, itching or excessive sin irritation develops conditions worsen symptoms persist for more than 7 days symptoms clear up and occur again in a few days.

If you are sensitive to capsaicin, use milk or vegetable oil to remove. Do not use water as it will not work. Apply to a small section on your body and test if you believe you may be allergic.

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3 Sample Packs With 12 Patches, 20 Day Supply Of 5 Packs, 40 Day Supply Of 10 Packs


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